Worried that Others will Read your Journal When You Die? Here Are a Few Ideas

Worried that someone will read your diary and judge you after you are gone?
Consider this:

  • Write a disclaimer on the cover or inside of every journal that says, “Read at your own risk.”
  • You will not care what anyone thinks when you are in that condition.
  • Understand that one who reads someone else’s private journal is inviting danger, inviting the risk that their perception of the author might change. That is not your fault.
  • If someone was unkind and you mention it in your diary, then they should have been nicer. Again, that is not your fault.
  • The people who know you well will still think well of you.
  • If all else fails, burn them before you go, destroy them, or give them to The Great Diary Project, who will keep them under lock and key for 100 years if you ask.

I hope this lessens your worries.



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