List of Ideas

What do you do with all those ideas that you never bring to fruition or never have time to see to the end? I make a list of them and share. If you want to run with these ideas, go right ahead; I don’t have time.

This is also my way of developing an attitude of abundance.

Product Ideas


There should be a journal material for the cover which is as durable as leather (but is not made of animal flesh), inexpensive, and potentially as colorful as paper covers can be. I’m thinking fruit fibers.


Warning: The following subject might seem a little indelicate. I will be discrete.

My sister and I have had this idea for a privacy tent for years. I don’t think I’ll ever do it, so if someone else takes the idea and runs with it to market, that would be great. I just want this idea to exist in reality.

I live out in a rustic area with long country roads. When you need to rush to the restroom while on the road, your only choice is in the bushes, if you want privacy. Unfortunately, that means going far away from your car, stepping into a world of bugs and/or snakes that will bite, uneven slopes, tall grass where anything can lurk. None of this is a good thing to encounter, especially not when you are rushing.

So the idea is a large sun hat-like element with fabric attached to the brim that rolls down like a curtain around you. In this way, you can dig a hole and refresh yourself right there next to your car.

It could also be sold as a personal changing station on the beach or for models on location photo shoots.

Service Ideas

Coming Soon