1 Business Tip to Stand Out from the Crowd

Remain distinct from your competitors by creating the shortest distance possible between the client’s problem and the solution you offer. This is how your company remains remarkable even with stiff competition.
The greater number of steps between the customer or client and her end goal, the greater risk of error or confusion. This often leads to customer frustration and possibly not completing the sale.
Here’s an example from this year.

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Dignity. Always, Dignity.

When dealing with anyone in any situation, look for the dignity of each person concerned. Preserve everyone’s dignity even if the other person does not seem interested in the same goal.

Yes, there might be an irate customer or a disgruntled employee and they are irritating you. Perhaps you wish to be respected first. Put those ideas on the back burner for something more important.

Your business must become known for respecting the people it encounters, whether client, customer or employee. In the long run, presenting consistently positive  and respectful encounters will draw more customers and more hard-working and loyal employees. In addition, you are upholding the value of human life.


How to Conquer Your Anxiety When Someone Un-Subscribes

When someone unsubscribes from your blog, stops following you on Twitter or un-“likes” your page on Facebook, what is your response?

Some think nothing of it and move on with their lives. Some treat themselves to a reward to soothe the rejection. Some panic – as I did, recently- and ask  business mentors what to do with this useless anxiety.

Anxiety Over Social Media “Likes” is Linked to a Weak Sense of Purpose

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