Most Popular Journaling Articles of 2022

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Most Popular Journaling Articles

Journal Writing Sugggestions

A letter to an acquaintance who wanted tips for restarting journal writing after 20 years.

How to Use a Journal to Remember a Recently-Deceased Relative

When a loved one dies, you might wish to remember the person by writing about your experience in a journal, writing about the deceased, and keeping mementos.

Here are a few things that I have done with a journal during Aunt C’s illness and death.

On Journaling: Use What You Have 

Sometimes the right journal is the one that you have right now. I talk about my first journal and how it was not “perfect.”

Types of Journals to Consider

Here is a list of journal types. Choose what works for you.

Most Popular Journal Prompts

How to Write a 5-Minute Journal

The 5-Minute Journal is a series of writing prompts to recall daily highlights and improve oneself for the next day.

Journal Prompts After a Concert

Do you need journal prompts after attending a concert to remember an event? Here are a few prompts to get you started.

Heirloom Journals – Prompts for the Journal That You Will Leave to Your Children.

Not all journals are for yourself exclusively. Some would rather leave their writings to their children as heirlooms. Here are  a few writing prompts to get you started.

Journal Prompts for Aunts and Uncles

The following writing prompts are not only to help aunts and uncles capture the moments, but also to help you think through the relationship that you would like to have with your nieces or nephews, whether they are minors or adults.

Holiday Journal Prompts

Holidays can be a sensitive topic for many people. A journal can be the perfect place to download your feelings and attain a bit of relief from a stressful time. Conversely, if you enjoy festive seasons, journal writing is the perfect time to remember as much as you can about the day or days that you celebrated.

Here are a few prompts to get you started.

Image as Journal Prompt

It can be a personal image or one you randomly find online or in a print publication. Allow the image to evoke an idea or a memory.

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