Lunch Break Journaling

Taking a break at work can include fueling oneself physically and also refreshing oneself psychologically. Journaling can help with the latter.

On your lunch break, after you have had your meal, pull out your journal and jot down a few thoughts.

You can talk about the day, or your plans, or the bird that has flown by as you sit on a bench. This is especially useful for those who feel as if there is no time in the work day for journaling.

Write a sentence or two. Get into the habit of journaling, unfurling the blossom of your thoughts on the page. It can be a restful and refreshing experience.

There are those who take lunch in the employee break room and journal, if they feel that they will be undisturbed. There are others who eat in the car in the parking lot just to have privacy; journaling there should prove very easy to do. There are those who would not mind pulling out a journal in a restaurant and jotting down a thought or two. Some work close enough to home to eat lunch and journal in a familiar space. I’ve even heard of journal jogging, where you chat into a headset microphone into a voice recorder on your phone as you trot around the park.

However you choose to do it, don’t forget that your lunch break can be a time of mental and psychological refreshment through journaling.



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