Moving House and Journaling. Will You Have Time?

Will you have time to write in a journal while moving to a new home, packing and unpacking, making sure the emergency papers are in the right bag, etc.? Probably not.

However, if you take time with a camera or voice recorder, you might be able to squeeze in a moment or two.

Why do this? I find that you are unpolished and truthful in the rush of the moment. Your real thoughts come out. I find that comparing what your expectations in the moment with your new reality months or years later to be useful in finding the best way forward.

It’s also fun to get a glimpse of an old house or apartment or show your future self how you organized the move, should you need to move again.

If you can turn on your camera for a few minutes and describe how you feel, a video diary might be just the thing. Describe the day and what you are looking forward to doing in your new life.

Or perhaps, turn on your voice recorder, say the date and talk about what you have to do next. Nothing fancy. No big production. Just talk.

In my last move, I made a video diary of getting the keys in my new town and how I now feel like a local.

The other year when I moved, I made audio diaries which I listened to as I drove to my new place. I was thrilled to hear my younger self talk about her plans. This new move was part of what my younger self hoped she could do someday. I was shocked at how I had surpassed her expectations.

I’m so glad to have taken the time to record what I was thinking during a transition.

In the hubbub of moving on to a new place and a new life, capture memories of yourself in transition. They are wonderful memories.



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