Writing in Public

There are those who only write at home. There are those who enjoy writing on the go, whether on vacation or just as a regular practice. Let’s discuss the latter.

When writing in public it has been this author’s experience that it is rare that anyone cares what you are writing or that you are writing at all. Meaning, try not to worry whether someone will be nosy. Just fall into the joy on the page.

Where to write? Anywhere.

  • Write in the waiting room while having an oil change. You might overhear a fun turn of phrase to jot down.
  • Write in the lobby of the hotel as you wait for your friends to join you. Explain in journal why you all are there.
  • Write in the family room at the hospital. The journal can be a planning space or a place to think through next steps.
  • Write at your place of worship. Jot down notes for spiritual guidance later in the week.
  • Write at the park. Enjoy the fresh air and pay attention to how you feel writing outside. Is it enjoyable? Not so much? Jot that down.
  • Write at funerals and capture the stories you hear.
  • Write at a fueling station while on a road trip. Just a quick note or photo that you can write about later.
  • Write on a pier at the lake. Listen to the sounds of nature. What do you hear?
  • Write on your lunch break. Sometimes journaling can help you decompress.
  • Write on the plane after liftoff, if you have enough elbow room. Write about what takes you on this trip. Use the airline logo on a disposable paper napkin as decor on your journal.

Why write in public?

  • To capture the moment
  • To ease anxiety around crowds and chaos
  • To give oneself something productive to do while one waits
  • To further a writing goal
  • To continue the writing habit
  • To entertain oneself

Whatever the reason, writing in your journal in public might be a great habit to start, if you haven’t already. It is enjoyable to write in your journal in public. Wherever you are, journaling is like falling into your favorite, cozy couch.



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