Road Trip Journaling

When on the road, one has the opportunity to write in a journal. Consider these options.

Journaling When Traveling via Chauffeured Vehicle

When on a road trip, traveling by carpool, bus, or any other mode of transport where someone else is driving, barring motion sickness or a bumpy stretch of road, you have the opportunity to write in your journal.

Jotting down a note or two after getting back into the car from the road side attraction might be helpful to recall what happened. Photos also help.

Journaling and Driving Yourself.

Let us say that you are alone on a road trip. Paying attention to the road is, of course, important and you cannot write while driving.

However, when you pause to fuel your vehicle or fuel yourself, you can take a minute to write a sentence or two, mentioning where you are. Or you can take a photo of something at your rest stop that has caught your attention. Later, print the image and recall the moment and why it captured you. e.g. If you see a plant near the gas station that has caught your eye, quickly take a photo of it and save that information for later.

If you are not too tired, you can write at the end of the day when you stop for a more complete rest.

One might also try hands-free audio diaries with a voice recorder or other app available. Try this at your own risk.

Instant Photos

Do you have an instant photo machine to take on the trip with you? Peel and stick, adhesive instant photos are perfect for a road trip.

Usually the machine is palm-sized, small enough to carry around in the smallest luggage. There are the cameras that also produce the printed image, e.g. Polaroid.

However, there are also Bluetooth-compatible portable printers that work with your mobile device. Take the photo with your phone, for instance, then edit the image in the printer’s app (if desired), then print out the image and adhere to a page in your journal. Write your thoughts around the photo.


Although many people search for attractions online these days, at some rest areas, one might still find paper brochures advertising attractions in the area. If you know that you are going to one of these places, take the free brochure of the destination and use it as decor for your journal entry.

e.g. Rip off the front page of the brochure, adhere it to the journal page, and then after you have visited the place, write about the experience next to the brochure page. Of course, this can be used in concert with instant photos.

What tips or tricks do you use for journaling during a road trip?


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