Writing To Someone in the Journal

Another way to journal is to write an entry as if you are writing a letter.
Imagine writing to a trusted friend or confidante; what would you say to them today? Write this letter in your journal.

This format of epistolary journaling is also helpful if one is leaving an heirloom journal. What would you like those you leave behind to know? Jim Rohn, an avid journal writer and speaker, would jot down as much wisdom as he could for many years and left those volumes for his children.

Some have said that writing a letter to a loved one that you have lost can also be helpful with the grief process.

Even if you don’t use “Dear diary,” this format of letter writing within the journal can be useful to jumpstart an entry, to be a journal prompt.

What warm, non judgmental friend would you like to write to today? If you cannot think of someone to whom to write, can you imagine someone who would like a letter and write to them in your journal?



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