What If I Have No Purpose for the Journal?

Is it important to have a purpose for the journal? Is it important to know what you are trying to achieve when you write in a journal? Yes.

However, you might not know yet what you want to do with your personal book. Even if you have written in one for many decades, you might discover a new journal and not know what you want to do with it.

Get into the habit of showing up to your journal whether or not the muse is there with you.

Journal Writing with Deborah

It is perfectly fine if you do not yet know your journal’s purpose. Explore the journal anyway. Here are a few ways to start the journey:

  • What do you THINK you would like to do with your journal? Do you have an impulse to doddle a bit? Do that.
  • Is there something so exciting you want to ensure that you remember it always? Perhaps you saw a mountain bluebird farther East than it should have been and want to remember it. Jot that down, even if it’s only one sentence.
  • Choose an image and use it as a journal prompt. e.g. “Here is a photo of Uncle Jim who would give me piggyback rides when I was 3 years old.”
  • Use your senses as a journal prompt. What do you see? What do you smell?, etc.
  • You can even write something to the effect of, “I have no idea what to do here. I thought I wanted to journal; now I am not so sure.”

After that, put the journal down and walk away until tomorrow (or whatever schedule you are on). The point is to get into the habit of showing up to your journal whether or not the muse is there with you. After a while, the purpose of your journal will be clear and it will be unique for you and your needs. Above all, remember to enjoy the exploration of journal writing. It can be fun.

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