Your Journal is a Friend

If you are starting a journal (or starting again) it is easy to become intimidated by the task, by a blank page. Some compare their journals with what they may have seen online, the neat little images of a journal perched just right, surrounded by flowers. It’s a beautiful picture. Actual journaling, however, can sometimes be messy.

At times, an ink pen might stray a bit, leaving splotches where you do not intend. At times, one might write something down and immediately regret having done so; correction tape is the only way to move forward. At other times, a misspelled name or writing the incorrect date can result in one scratching out one’s writing and starting over.

In all of the mess, think of your journal not as a judge condemning you. Think of your journal as a friend – eager to help without harsh judgment. Remember that journaling can be rewarding even in the imperfection.

Wishing you peace and fun in your journey,


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