Interview with a Journal Writer (External Link)

Author and founder of the National Journal Writing Month (also known as NaJoWriMo), Bakari Chavanu, has an interview with a 30-year journal writer named Sharon Boggon. Boggon shares her story on the NaJoWriMo website: Part 1 of the Interview and Part 2 of the Interview.

The idea for the journal writing month is to give prompts to assist you to write your story during the months of January, April, July, and October. It’s a nice little marathon if you don’t write in your journal every day, or if you would like some company while you journal.

Boggon, however, writes in a journal almost every day and owns over 200 journals. You will learn what inspired the journal writer to begin writing. You will learn the many types of journals that the interviewee uses. You will gain insight into what the writer believes benefits you when journaling.

“Often writing something helps to clarify your thoughts. Since you have to lay out your ideas logically and develop an argument, you discover in the process what you think. It is in the writing that this discovery happens.”

–Sharon Boggon

Exactly! Often I am not sure what I actually think until – in the privacy of my journal- I write all the things I might never say aloud. There is comfort in the pen and paper.

Read the interview here:

Part 1 of the Interview Part 2 of the Interview



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