Not Journaling Enough? Your Tools Might Be the Problem

Have you procrastinated in your journaling? Do not feel guilty. Procrastination in journal writing sometimes occurs when your tools do not interest you.

If you are subconsciously irritated by the thin onion skin paper that allows ink to bleed though, one might not wish to write on the page again. If the ink pen you are using is too small for your hands it can be uncomfortable to use, making one less likely to pick it up. Perhaps you journal while outside of your home, but a physical journal is not something you enjoy carrying around.

Perhaps a thicker paper is needed. Perhaps a larger ink pen will help you return to the journal. Perhaps a digital journal is better for on the go writing than a physical one.

Patience is the key here. Sometimes you just need to reassess your objects. Do you find them useful? If not, it might be time to move away from them. While you are at it, enjoy the journey of finding the journal writing tool that is right for you.



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