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Housekeeping: Blog Schedule for Deborah Observes

Starting Monday July 3, 2017, Deborah Observes will start a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule. The topics will remain the same.

DAY   –    TOPIC

Monday – Journaling/Writing/Blogging

On Monday, we will continue our journal tips (like prompts for aunts and uncles), journal reviews (such as the 5-year Q&A journal review), highlight inspiring writers (such as Faulkner and SARK) and muse about how blogging and vlogging tech is changing culture.

Wednesday – Introversion

On Wednesday, we discuss how to navigate an extroverted world as a person who is more inner directed. We will continue to spotlight interesting introverts and their careers (such as fashion photographer Bill Cunningham).  We will discuss resources that might be useful for introverts.

Friday – Personal Development

On Friday, we discuss topics like motivation, mindset and goal-setting (such as how your goal’s baby steps are an amuse-bouche).

We will expand into Youtube book reviews in the coming months. Thanks for remaining on this journey.



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