Wreck This Journal [A Review]

Dedicated to perfectionists all over the world, the Wreck This Journal challenges book lovers and journal writers not to hold every book as precious and un-fool-around-able (or, at least, not this book).

Wreck This Journal is an art journal with prompts. With page-by-page instructions, such as “Rip it up,” “Drag it,” and “Climb up high; drop the journal,” this book seeks to make you uncomfortable enough to become creatively destructive. “You may begin to live more recklessly,” it promises (or threatens, depending on how you view such a thing).

You are writing (or stomping, or placing sticky things) on 224 pages of a lightweight, travel-friendly journal that is small enough to fit in your purse, but not your pocket or clutch.

This review is of the 2012 black edition. Apparently, there are several other editions with different covers, and, presumably, different prompts.

My casual perusal of others who have used this journal, including the reviews on Amazon, suggests the people who love this journal, REALLY LOVE IT! They proudly showcase finished Wreck It Journals tied with rope and stuffed to the gills with who knows what kind of adventure.

I purchased this one back in 2015. My memory of it was that it was not for me. I struggled to find a purpose for it in my journal writing life since it did not encourage introspection, recording history,  and other things that I do with journals. I remember it as being pointless. I did not pick it up again after a couple of days.

However, after reading my main journal from back then, I see that the Wreck This Journal had its purpose in my life, even if it was only for a couple of days. It influenced me to think outside of the lines in my usual journal. According to my main journal entry, I credit the book with influencing me to draw in my journal (Gasp!); trace the outlines of other journals in my main one (What?!); ignore the lines (Horrors!). All of that ultimately led to being open to changing date headers, and including more pictures of my family.

So thanks, Wreck This.

You might like the Wreck This Journal if…

  • …you like journal prompts.
  • … you have enjoyed (or would like to start) an art journal.
  • …you are a perfectionist when it comes to books, and you want a way to stretch out of your comfort zone without ruining the books you care about.
  • …you don’t mind your fountain pen bleeding through (which you won’t because you are meant to ruin the journal).
  • …you wish to take your journal with you. (It’s travel-friendly.)

The Wreck This Journal might not be for you if…

  • …you cannot stand when anyone dogears a page.
  • …you find prompts unnecessary for how you journal.
  • …you want more meaningful, introspective journal prompts.
  • …you don’t like the idea of wasted paper (some instructions include ripping things and tossing them away).


Do you have a Wreck This Journal? What do you think?



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