Rudy Francisco and Solitude

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Beth Buelow, author of Introvert Entrepreneur, recently posted on Facebook a poem about solitude from spoken word poet Rudy Francisco.

7/30 Inspired by "Solitude" by Warsan Shire

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Today, I am learning the art

of enjoying my own company,

I am exercising isolation

and letting it flex in front

of the mirror like my

proudest muscle.

Some days, it’s just me

by myself, the room
is at capacity

and there is nothing

more enticing than silence

We need more literature like this which shows or infers the benefits of solitude – solitude can be enjoyable, it is a strength, sometimes it is enough.

As an introvert who is prone to solitude, I enjoyed the poem enough to rush to Francisco’s Instagram feed for more. Who is this man who succinctly spells out what many introverts have said since… forever? Well, I discovered that Francisco’s poems are like peanuts – you cannot stop at just one. I did not find much more on solitude, but  I found his perspective on personal development, social politics, family and aging to be interesting.

Francisco’s writing style is brief and deep. Thought-provoking. I cannot imagine the amount of editing it takes to create one sentence that just – Pow!- hits the reader in the chest like a magazine full of is-this-writer-reading-my-thoughts. But he does it.

Francisco is a word chef who uses a heaping cup of metaphors in most recipes  (“I shed sleep like the rind of a tangerine”) and yet nothing feels tiresome, pretentious or false. You would think that romance poems which talk about falling for a woman like a kid falls off a bike would be reminiscent of every hokey Tin Pan Alley love song ever written. Yet even the love poems feel personal, as if we are reading his diary, as if we have never heard anything like this before.

Francisco has inspired me to rekindle an interest in writing serious poetry. Right now I use my journal for silly poems that would not make sense to the general public. If I write a poem that does not completely embarrass me, I might share it with you on this website.

How about you? Do you write poetry? Have you heard of this writer, Rudy Francisco?



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