How to Spot Opportunities

At Psychology Today, Heidi Grant Halvorson, Ph.D. teaches us How to Get Better at Spotting Opportunities.

To spot opportunities, you must be promotion-focused. Says Dr. Halvorson,

“You are promotion-focused when you think about what you might gain if you are successful — how you might end up better off.”

Those who search for the benefits of a situation are more likely to understand the opportunities or advantages in front of them.

Alternatively, says Dr. Halvorson,

“if you approach your venture focused on not losing everything you’ve worked so hard for, on avoiding danger and keeping things running smoothly, you have a prevention focus. Prevention focus is good for many things—careful planning, accuracy, reliability, and thoroughness, just to name a few. But it doesn’t lead to creativity, open-mindedness, and the confidence to take chances the way promotion focus does.”

How does one develop this habit of being promotion-focused?

  • List the benefits of a situation, goal or task.
  • Picture your ideal self.
  • Reflect on past successes.

See more information from Dr. Halvorson by clicking here.

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