It’s Deborah. [Content Revamp]


Let’s get real.

One of the biggest blocks I’ve had to business success is believing that I am not an expert in anything. We are all expert in something, even if it’s merely being two steps ahead of someone in the blogging world or knowing the best restaurants in town. Still, my offers seemed to ring hollow to me. Could I really help you brainstorm your career? Yes. But what would be the rate of success? I don’t know.

My website and business have endured many different iterations:

  • Pivot Point Consulting – Helping you brainstorm your non-traditional career
  • Inspiration Haven – A lifestyle blog with vacation pictures
  • The Observer – Curating online business tips and making business-related observations
  • The Custom-Tailored Life – Helping you design a life that fits

I have never felt that I am an expert in any of it. However, I am an expert in being me. Thus, instead of promising you that I can help you achieve your goals, this website will become more show-and-tell oriented. I will share the things that I’m learning so that we learn together, rather than my pontificating from on high.

Today, I become more vulnerable and revamp this site into a journey, a journey into personal development, thoughts on introversion, musings on the scanner/multi-potentialite nature, coming to terms with being a highly sensitive person, and journaling (lots of journaling). We also might take occasional stabs at teaching blogging; since I’ve blogged for 10 years, I  know a lot of things that do not work and a few things that do. I’ll share the few things that I know on the subject.

The name will be “It’s Deborah.” [5-20-17 Update: The name is “Deborah Observes.”] I hope you will join me.



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