How to Plow Through Unpleasant Tasks

We’ve discussed how each lifestyle, even a dream life, will come with unpleasant parts to it  (that which we call “dirt sandwiches”). In Lessons from the Mouse, author and former Disney World employee Dennis Snow teaches us what we must do to eat the dirt sandwich with relish.

“Guests often gush to cast members [Disney employees], ‘How fun it must be to work at Disney World’ Yes, of course it was fun….But it was also tiresome,…uncomfortable,… humbling,… and monotonous.

” So, what kept us going?

“We knew that our jobs and our attitudes about our jobs were vital to the guest experience. Our principal role was to create happiness and magic, and that responsibility had to trump any frustrations we felt.”

To help ourselves remain true to our duty and endure the inevitable spots of misery in business, Snow suggests that we have fun with the task, no matter how miserable we feel.

How do we produce a good attitude for the unpleasant tasks of running a business?

  1. Remember the purpose for starting your business. Someone needs your service or your goods and you’ve decided this business will provide. Re-read your mission statement or initial reason for being an entrepreneur. Usually when you get your mind off of your own problems and think of solving other people’s problems your attitude lightens.
  2. Give yourself the posture and facial expressions of a person in a good mood. Eventually,  your feelings will follow your body’s lead.
  3. Simply start the task and let the inertia of the routine propel you through.
  4. Outsource the tasks when this is feasible for your budget.


What suggestions would you have for getting through the unpleasant parts of your business?