5 Lessons Learned from My Former Employers

Whether you are in the job of your dreams or not, always be vigilant to the lessons around you. They can prove to be useful later.

Here are 5 lessons I’ve learned while working for other people.

1. Know Your “Why.” 

 Employees should not only know the rules, but the reasons behind the rules – the “why.” This will help during those hiccups in a process. Sometimes the employee cannot go through, say, the prescribed 3-step process because step 2 has been interrupted. If she knows why the process is there, the ultimate goal, she may be able to work around the hiccup in the system and still give you the results you need.

Also, knowing your why gives the employees reason and purpose for what they are doing. This helps get them through the particularly tough projects.
2. Dignity, Always Dignity.

Seek the dignity of each person concerned in a situation. We think of this concept when dealing with a prospective client or customer. However, remember this idea when working behind the scenes as well. If you must fire someone, for instance, make sure she walks out with her dignity. [I recommend Dennis Snow’s Lessons from the Mouse for further study of this idea.]

3.Understand the Other (Irate) Person.

Sometimes an irate client or disgruntled employee simply dislikes his
life, you are in his life therefore he dislikes you. It’s not always personal.

Use this as an opportunity to practice patience. It is also an opportunity to discover what factors led to the irritation so that you can change it and improve your business.

4. Have Regular Team Meetings.

When the team gets together on a regular basis to explain how they have progressed in a stated team goal, this gathering helps to keep everyone accountable. It also helps to catch any problems early while also presenting an opportunity to help someone else if you have already finished your project.


5. Time is Sacred. Whether clients, customers, co-workers,
employers, employees, we are all giving our precious, non-refundable
time to this organization in some way. We cannot replace time, so don’t
waste time – yours or anyone else’s. Find ways to do your job
effectively and efficiently.

What lessons have you learned on the job?