10 Full-Time Bloggers You Should Know

Here, in alphabetical order by surname, are great bloggers whose expertise in their craft are useful to entrepreneurs, bloggers and other online creatives.  They each have garnered a full-time income from writing online. They are each generous to their readers. Read the squibs below about their work, then explore their worlds. Get a sense of how they interact with their audience and what stands out to you. What do you like about what they do? What would not work for your brand? Why?


1. Regina Anaejionu

regina Website: http://www.ByRegina.com

About the Blog

Regina Anaejionu is a prolific meta-blogger with several worksheets, ebooks and webinars to improve your blog. Regina refers to her products as “Adult Homework.”  To her list of helpful tools, the blogger has recently added a podcast called “The Independent,” which teaches blog improvement strategies with accompanying worksheets.

It is doubly impressive that ByRegina.com has created a full-time income for the founder in only a year (See the income reports). To place this accomplishment in context, remember that many bloggers do not earn a full-time income before two years. Still more quit before giving their businesses a chance.

A Helpful Post

“How to Create a Killer Mini-Course” was the catalyst for the “7 Days to Improve Your Blog Challenge” here at http://www.DeborahMThomas.com.

2.Marie Forleo

marie forleo

Website: www.MarieForleo.com

About the Blog: Quirky and fun, Marie Forleo creates a website that is not a step-by-step guide to setting up a blog, or anything techie. It’s more entrepreneur philosophy and self-care. With a video every week, encouragement quotes and interviews, Forleo is at the intersection of blogger and television talk show host.

A Helpful Post

“How to Make Your Business Sound Unique (Even If It’s Not)” is about finding what is unique about you and sharing it in your business.

3.Dana Fox


Website: http://www.icanbuildablog.com

About the Blog:

Dana Fox’s I Can Build a Blog is a thorough blog-building resource guide, giving you the techie side of blogging in plain English and with screenshots as visual aids. The best thing about it is that Fox emphasizes not only the popular WordPress platform, but also those of us who love the Blogger.com platform.

A Helpful Post:

“How to Add a Newsletter Popup to Blogger” helps those of us who do enjoy fiddling around with the code on Blogger.com, and do not mind that it is a bare bones operation, to promote newsletters on our blogs in one of the currently popular methods.

4.Jeff Goins


Website: http://goinswriter.com

About the Blog

Jeff Goins writes about writing and life in general, online and offline. One day he might discuss the idea of landing a traditionally-published book on the New York Times Best-Seller’s List; the next day he may write about what fairy tales teach us about life. Goins also has a podcast which includes an interview with entrepreneur and author Seth Godin.

A Helpful Post

“The Difference Between Good Writers and Bad Writers”  might be a useful checklist for bloggers to evaluate our main engine of communication.

5.Lauren Hooker


Website: http://www.elleandcompanydesign.com

About the Blog:

The design skills and clear business instructions of Lauren Hooker  (and her business partner/husband Jake) are deceptively simple. Using everyday language to help you navigate online business jargon, Hooker’s Elle and Company – which began in January 2014- has garnered a full-time income through her design services, paid subscription service, products and paid webinars on specific topics, such as a beginner’s course in Photoshop.

A Helpful Post

“How to Brand Your Pinterest Boards” is a great article for those of you who use the social media platform Pinterest and would like to garner more blog traffic and create a more cohesive style across the internet.



Website: http://www.FabulousBlogging.com

About the Blog

Julie (who currently runs her online presence with only her first name) provides specific, no nonsense, tech steps for bloggers, with an emphasis on the WordPress platform.

A Helpful Post

“SEO Tips for Beginning Bloggers” might prove useful to you.

7.Jessica Rea


Website: http://www.jessicarea.me/blog

About the Blog:

Jessica Rea on female online entrepreneurs (Rea calls them “Ladypreneurs”) and their biggest problems, but her advice can be used by anyone. Rea is a community-minded individual. What sets her apart from many others is her very active Facebook group – the Ladypreneurs Community – where you can ask any question and receive very frank, and useful advice to mull over.

A Helpful Post:

“How to Charge What You’re Worth” – Many entrepreneurs undercharge. This article helps you to discover your price range and how to increase it, if necessary.

8.Kyla Roma


Website: http://www.KylaRoma.com

About the Blog

Kyla Roma creates a delightfully effervescent look for her blog while giving you straight-forward online strategies for your business. Roma’s very active Facebook group -The Daring Creative Workshop- is a good source for bouncing around your business ideas.

A Helpful Post:

“5 Things Pro-Bloggers Do After They Hit ‘Publish'”  is  a short checklist of activities to help you garner the most return from the work of writing a top-quality blog post.

9.Nathalie Lussier


Website: http://www.nathalielussier.com

About the Blog

Nathalie Lussier discusses many aspects of online platforms, but a highlight of her business is that she has zeroed in on building traffic. If you need more readers and clients for your blog or website, Nathalie’s courses are the just the thing.

A Helpful Post

“Sales Pages Headlines That Work!” may be of use to bloggers who need to build traffic and guide them towards a product or service.

10. Dale Partridge dale

Website: www.DalePartridge.com

About the Blog

Dale Partridge takes on the philosophy of business and life. He also has more technical entrepreneurial posts, which he has recently separated into a completely new website, Startup Camp.  Partridge is a businessman first and blogger second, who shares his insights and struggles online.

A Helpful Post

“There’s No Perfect Marketing Strategy, Only This…” helps you to think beyond the standard way of sharing your message.

11.Darren Rowse

darrenWebsite: www.Problogger.net

About the Blog 

Darren Rowse is a full-time,  longtime meta-blogger, perhaps one of the most famous ones. He also produces thorough articles. If you have any question about blogging strategy, an answer might be in his archives.

A Helpful Post

“How Bloggers Make Money Blogging” is an article about methods to blog for money comes with a handy, dandy visual aid.

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