When to Stop Researching If You Are On a Deadline

One useful thing to learn in research is when to stop.

In this era of unprecedented information access, where the acronym TMI (Too Much Information) is used to ask someone to stop sharing, it’s great to know when to push away the plate of info and say, “Thank you; I’ve had enough.”

Let’s say you need to know about X topic by a certain deadline so that you can then create content or a product based on that research.  You’ve searched for answers high and low. When should you stop the search and start to create content or products?   

You stop the search when the deadline is reached or when the answers become repetitive, whichever comes first.

If you’ve noticed a pattern, you’ve certainly hit on the most popular thoughts on the topic. They might not be the best answers for you, but from the patterns you can at least learn the jargon of the topic for further research. Once you start seeing the same answers over and over, it’s time to take action.

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