How to Delegate Without Losing Control of Your Goals

An entrepreneur can be a great visionary who takes on far too many tasks to be effective. Today, we look at three steps to help you release your tasks to others while still remaining in control of your goals.

Sometimes a dysfunctional team has disappointed an entrepreneur over and over. He or she develops  a subconscious habit of not trusting someone else with major responsibilities. This habit can hinder progress. Here is what you do instead.

1. Delegate the tasks

You tend to get everything done yourself; you’re overwhelmed. If one person is doing everything,  a bottle neck happens. Have you ever tried getting ketchup out of one of those glass bottles with the narrow neck? Progression of the ketchup is slow. Give the team more responsibilities, that widens the bottle neck for more of the good stuff to flow through.
2. Discover the strengths of your team.

It’s not enough just to delegate responsibilities randomly; you must also know where best to put each team member. We are each skilled at many things, but in what are we most interested?
This is where hiring independent contractors (as opposed to employees) is a big plus. They have already held out their shingle as someone interested in X,Y and Z; their revenue is dependent on sustaining that interest. It might take a few tries to find someone who gels with your personality and vision, but keep trying.
3. Progress Reports.

Because responsibility has been spread out, the leader must keep everyone accountable. Meeting regularly is a necessity. Experiment with the frequency of accountability until you get the right blend. You might not need a conference call of all the people on your team, but be candid at the outset of the relationship with requests for regular updates, so that you both know what to expect.
This keeps you in control of your vision, while freeing your time for other aspects of your goals.

What will you do today to start delegating without losing control of your goals?